One of the most coveted awards for Indigenous artists is the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Art Award (NAATSIA). Artists have quickly gone from Established to Collectable from winning this award.

View the list of the past winners since 1984 when the first ever winner Michael Nelson Jakamarra won it for his Dreaming 'Three Ceremonies'.

See Michael's artworks here.

The Papunya Tula Art movement opened the door for Aboriginal Art to be widely accepted as an art form to be admired and displayed. The Australian government recognises the cultural significance and importance of Aboriginal art not only to the Indigenous peoples but also to Australia as a community.

Read Papunya Tula art movement in the Western Desert  released by australia.gov.au

Ningura Napurrula was one of eight artists chosen to represent Australian indigenous art in 1999 as part of The Australian Indigenous Art Commission at the musee de quai Branly in Paris, France. Ningura's 'Rockholes' Dreaming covers the first floor ceiling of the museum. View the full brochure released by the Australian Indigenous Art Commission here.

Learn more about the musee de quai Branly.

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The Australian Art Collector releases a list of Australia's Top 50 Most Collectable Artists yearly in their January-March edition. The list is highly notable for collectors worldwide.

View the extensive and accurate list in alphabetical order here released by Australian Art Collector.

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Dreamtime Art associations and certifications

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