copyright - Brad Chilby Photography
copyright - Brad Chilby Photography

"Reconciliation is first about understanding the history of the past to be knowledgeable about the choices we make towards creating change for the future.

We know that the possibility for a harmonious future through Reconciliation is just at our fingertips if we are willing to lean forward and reach for it.

Reconciliation to us is about putting ourselves into the shoes of the people who were affected by any form of injustice and discrimination be it religion, racial or belief.

It is about feeling the pain they have endured and still exists now.

It is about achieving a sense of healing together in unison and finding ways to move forward simultaneously.

Reconciliation is a universal ideal. It is not a search for perfection but a quest for harmony and agreement.

Reconciliation begins with a shift in individual thought and progressively extends to the wider community as a collective group. It is a shift in the current paradigm and to have the foresight and courage to be open to change.

Reconciliation is about forgiveness and acceptance.

It is about understanding each others culture and accommodating them in order to live and co-exist harmoniously.

To us, Reconciliation represents the epitome of long lasting friendships and recognition of each others cultural diversity. Though the scars may always remain evident of a time gone by full of hurt, misjudgement and mistakes, may it also remind us of reconciling and unifying as one and making the changes we can today.

It is about looking towards the future of all the changes we can make as one person, one people and one country.

If we keep doing the same things today, we can only expect the same results tomorrow. We need to put in place positive changes now as a collective group and rely on the strength of the Peoples Power."

Fatima and Matthew Everitt

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2013 Reconciliation Week for Dreamtime Art:

  • Aboriginal Art Exhibition - TOLL Group, Melbourne
  • Aboriginal Art Week Display - TOLL Group, Melbourne

2013 The Long Walk with Michael Long

  • Dreamtime Art joined Michael Long for the quest of recognition for all Indigenous Australians and hundreds of walkers into the MCG from Federation Square to open the Dreamtime at the 'G' match Richmond vs Essendon.

2012 Reconciliation Week for Dreamtime Art:

  • Attendees of 'Taste of Reconciliation Dinner' - Docklands, Melbourne
  • Guest Speakers - PwC Reconciliation Week Luncheon, Southbank, Melbourne
  • Commencement of Dreamtime Art 'Closing the Gap' Strategy.

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