Cultural Conversation

The Dreamtime Art team can come to your workplace and talk about the art, the artists and the Dreamings associated witht the art you have purchased or leased.

This is Dreamtime Art's unique touch.

Our direct relationships with the artists gives us a great platform to pass on their stories to your staff and allows you to involve your employees in learning about Indigenous culture through a neutral and non-intrusive way.

The Cultural Conversation is designed to be in a style of a discussion where your employees can ask questions, contribute to the conversation and also find out more about Indigenous culture, its cultural significance and importance and why the artworks is history on canvas.

Join the many corporate businesses and government bodies who have enjoyed the Dreamtime Art Cultural Conversation experience as it has provided their employees a form of Cultural Exchange as well as engaging their staff regarding Indigenous topics, its people and most of all the meaning of the art that will be adorning your office walls.

So if you are a corporate business or government body looking to start the conversation about Indigenous culture and heritage,

Please Contact Us today to discuss your business needs.

Dreamtime Art associations and certifications

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