We simply treat our artists and our clients how we would want to be treated.

We always aim to present the soul of Indigenous culture in a positive, appropriate, respectful and beautiful way that is Aboriginal art. We understand that no matter how small or big the client is, they must be treated in the same way and with the same respect. We humbly present Aboriginal art to the world in a way that respects cultural sensitivities in all our business dealings.


We recognise the importance and significance of our artists Dreamings and that we are responsible for sharing Dreamings in the most accurate and appropriate way.

Our devotion to our artists challenges us to constantly find innovative ways to promote their art in order to create sustainable employment opportunities for their future. We adhere and abide by the rules set out in the Art Codes to which we are privileged members and signatories.


Our privileged direct relationships with our artists brings us a great sense of joy. Dealing directly with the artists guarantees authenticity and honours fair, just and ethical treatment to artists. Our desire to share the Indigenous culture through the beauty of Aboriginal art is unparalleled.


Our extensive networks within communities and Indigenous businesses gives us a formidable working knowledge within the Australian Indigenous Art sector. This provides our clients exclusive access to our extensive partner network and cultural knowledge which covers appropriation, copyright and IP issues that protect artist, their artworks and the client’s reputation. This unique proposition gives Dreamtime Art the ability to scale from one off commission artworks to large urban installations that is culturally sound whilst respecting the integrity of Indigenous culture and the art.


We will work hard to continually grow, evolve and improve the state of our business. Dreamtime Art will always be open to learning, changing and developing. This enables us to be better in business for the benefit of our artists, ourselves, our clients and for the Indigenous culture as a whole. It is only when we are open to learn, we can truly know.

Dreamtime Art associations and certifications

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