Dorothy Napangardi killed in car crash

For the purpose of delivering the sad news, we have used the deceased artists name for the heading. For future publications until further notice from the family, Dreamtime Art will only refer to her as Kumantjayi Napangardi or DN.

We are deeply saddened by the death of prominent Aboriginal artist Kumantjayi Napangardi. Kumantjayi died in a car crash in Alice Springs during a family hunting trip over the weekend of June 1-2, 2013. She passed away on June 1, 2013.

We were very close to Kumantjayi and had a wonderful working relationship with her. Through our dealings with Kumantjayi, we also grew close to her family members which included her sisters, daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren. They are in our thoughts and prayers during this very sad time. We mourn with them Kumantjayi's passing and we  have respectfully removed her artworks and photos usually posted on our website until further notice.

The family she leaves behind are all travelling back into their country to put Kumantjayi to rest for sorry business. We are so very sorry to hear of this devastating news.

We were so very privileged to have spent time out on Kumantjayi's country and be shown her traditional hunting and gathering ways.

Dreamtime Art and the Indigenous art community and the art world will truly miss Kumantjayi and her kind and giving nature. A prolific artist who first painted in 1987, her minimalistic approach and interpretation of her Dreaming 'Mina Mina' has been widely collected by Australians for decades and collectors around the world.

DN - we will miss you, may you rest in peace.

Fatima and Matthew

Kumantjayi is a 'name' used to refer to a person who for cultural reasons cannot be named. In this incidence, due to Kumantjayi's untimely death, her name is not be said or her photo to be shown until prior permission from her family has been obtained.Traditional law across the Northern Territory where traditions are prevalent says that a dead person's name could not be said because you would recall and disturb their spirit.

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