Emerging and Established Artists Extravaganza

Monica Jagadai - Womans Ceremony 2012
Monica Jagadai - Womans Ceremony 2012

The Aboriginal Art world is filled with many different artists from different calibres but amongst the Top 50 Most Collectible and Blue Chip Artists, the Emerging and Established artists often get overlooked. 

This month, our studio was filled with many Emerging and Established artists such as Rosemary Pitjara, Esther Bruno Nangala, Betty Mbitjana, Lynette Corby Nungurrayi, Mavis Jugadai, Monica Jugadai, Mary Dixon Nungurrayi and more. This creates a vast selection of new Aboriginal art in the Dreamtime Art website gallery at a price point which will appeal to first time buyers and aspiring collectors. Keep an eye out for these Emerging and Established Artists as they will be the next tier of Collectible Artists in the Aboriginal Art world. 

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