Kathleen Petyarre - Dotting for Perfection!

When Kathleen Petyarre visits us at the Dreamtime Art Studio, she always warms the place with her presence. Unlike her outspoken sister Gloria, Kathleen is the quiet type.

She sits most of the time in silence and occasionally, she would ask for some company for a chat. Her meticulous dotting style makes for Aboriginal Art that is clean, almost perfect and highly collectible.

Her presence in the studio is similar to that of Royalty, soft-spoken and always composed. Kathleen's impeccable dotting work can be seen in our Collectible Artists gallery page under Aboriginal Art by Kathleen Petyarre.

If you have not yet familiarised yourself with Kathleen's Mountain Devil Lizard or Bush Seeds Dreamings, have a good look and be mesmerised by her hypnotic works. If you are already a lover of her work, take advantage of our very competitive prices and Contact Us for any enquiries or questions. Better yet, Subscribe to our mailing list to receive current updates on what's happening at the Dreamtime Art Studio.


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