Kunmana Mitchell passes away - a celebrated Indigenous artist

For the purpose of delivering the sad news, we have used the deceased artists name for the heading. For future publications, Dreamtime Art will only refer to him as Kumantjayi Mitchell.

Our respect and condolences go to Kumantjayi Mitchell's family.

Only beginning his artisitc career in 2005, Kumantjayi Mitchell died on Sunday night June 2, 2013 in Kalgoorlie Hospital in Western Australia.

A finalist in the 2009 Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award and his works were featured in many exhibitions.

May his soul live on through his Dreamtime Art stories.

Kumantjayi is a 'name' used to refer to a person who for cultural reasons cannot be named. In this incidence, due to Kumantjayi's untimely death, her name is not be said or her photo to be shown until prior permission from her family has been obtained.Traditional law across the Northern Territory where traditions are prevalent says that a dead person's name could not be said because you would recall and disturb their spirit.

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