N.Napurrula passes away

N.Napurrula has passed away at the age of around 75 years old. Our condolences to N. Napurrula's families and communities.

We have very fond memories of N. Napurrula and her familly spending time with us in the Dreamtime Art Studio and out on country.

We were very close to Napurrula and we are deeply saddened by the news. She was a patient of the Purple House at Western Desert Dialysis and we are thankful for the assistance and care they gave to N. Napurrula.

We have removed all images of N. Napurrula on the Dreamtime Art website until further notice from her family. A big hug to Glenys, Susan and Morris. We miss you both and share your heartache.

A very sad time for her family, her community and the Indigenous Art world. We send our farewell to Kumantjayi Napurrula and may she rest in peace.

She leaves behind her legacy through her unmistakable 'Rockholes' Dreaming. We will miss you Kumantjayi.

Fatima and Matthew.

Kumantjayi is a 'name' used to refer to a person who for cultural reasons cannot be named. In this incidence, due to Kumantjayi's passing, her name is not be said or her photo to be shown until prior permission from her family has been obtained once Sorry business (mourning time) has been completed. Traditional law across the Northern Territory where traditions are prevalent says that a dead person's name could not be said because you would recall and disturb their spirit.

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