Taste of Taungurung

Traditional painting with ground ochre and bark
Traditional painting with ground ochre and bark

We were blessed with a sunny Spring Day for the Bush Tucker Field Day in Taungurung Country of Euroa.

It started off with an informative talk by ethnobotanist Dr. Beth Gott about native flora found in and around Taungurung country.

We all then headed to the Euroa Arboretum where members of the Taungurung Clans had set up pockets of areas for various activities including:

Painting with traditional ground ochre and bark led by Matthew Everitt

Creating rope with Stringy bark led by Rodney Monk

Wood cutting/carving led by Mick Harding

Clap Sticks making, Dancing led by Corlene Cooper

Bush Tucker/ Camp fire by Janet

A wonderful day to share knowledge, stories and tucker in Taungurung country.

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