The Talented Mr.Quilliam

Most recently, we started to work alongside the very talented and highly acclaimed photographer A. Professor Wayne Quilliam. Wayne has a unique eye for documenting the Indigenous culture through his photojournalistic style through the lens of a camera.

Wayne is one of Australia's most sought after Indigenous artists, curator and cultural advisor working at a local, national and international level. He is a testament to the limitless heights all artists have the opportunity to reach.

When not at home with his wife and daughter he is found in communities throughout the country sharing his knowledge and teaching youth the expression of culture through the camera.

Wayne's practical working knowledge of Indigenous issues throughout the country is highly valued and sought after by International corporations including Federal, State and Local government.

Over the past twelve months Wayne has held solo exhibitions in South and North America, Asia and Australia.

Wayne focuses on three subjects;

'Lowanna' (Beautiful woman) - an intertwining of the female form and textures of the earth

 'Towindri' Aerial/Landscape - capturing the essence of landforms encapsulating pockets of areas to bring to life the spirit of that region in one shot

'Portrait' - confronting and beautiful images of Indigenous people in their communities arresting a moment in time and documenting it for future generations

Dreamtime Art associations and certifications

City of Melbourne Indigenous Art Code Supply Nation