Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri says "Welkumu!"

"Welkumu!" meaning "How are you?" is the first word Warlimpirrnga says to us upon entering the Dreamtime Art Studio door.

Brothers to Thomas and Walala, we are excited to have Warlimpirrnga back in the Dreamtime Art Studios just in time for Christmas.

Place your orders now for commissioned works or stay tuned on the Dreamtime Art website for contemporary Aboriginal art by Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri.

One of the 'Last Nomads', Warlimpirrnga (pronounced Wor-lam-pi-ri) is one of the Tjapaltjarri brothers whose emergence from the desert surprised the world in 1984. Warlimpirrnga paints the 'Tingari' Dreaming just like his brothers. His interpretation of Tingari represents their country and the surrounding water soakages and sacred sites depicted by squares and surrounded by dots. He also paints a style that uses continous lines creating a maza on the canvas. It is hypnotic for the viewer.

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