The birth of Dreamtime Art came from a vision to take quality Aboriginal Art to the world based upon respectful, ethical standards that delivers fair reward to the artists - authenticity and value to the buyer.

As an Indigenous owned business, Dreamtime Art takes its social responsibility seriously with the following goals woven into the heart of our business.

  • To play a positive role in bridging the gap between urban Australia and Indigenous communities
  • To open the lines of communication regarding Indigenous topics within mainstream Australia in order to promote the possibility of a harmonious future through unity and common respect
  • To widen understanding and appreciation for the Indigenous culture within Australian society
  • To provide the opportunity and means for young and emerging artists to develop and exhibit their work
  • To continuously invest in the national and international recognition for both emerging and established Aboriginal artists through the ongoing development of gallery networks to facilitate showcase exhibitions and artist introductions
  • To build a worldwide reputation as a leader in the ethical stewardship and development of Aboriginal art and its culture
  • To give back to the local communities and assist the artists and their families
  • To educate our clients about the lifestyles of the artists and their communities

Dreamtime Art associations and certifications

City of Melbourne Indigenous Art Code Supply Nation