Judy Watson Napangardi - Mina Mina 2012
Judy Watson Napangardi - Mina Mina 2012

The Dreamtime Art acquisition experience is unique. We will assist you from start to finish in finding the perfect piece for your home, office, boardroom or corporate space.

Dreamtime Art is an art consultancy business and the selection process is tailored to your requirements and taste. Our website gives examples of artworks by the artists we deal with so you, our client can get a feel of what the artwork style looks like. We will then choose pieces for you to help you select the perfect piece for your chosen space to create the right ambience and suit the current decor and furnishings of your chosen space.

Our services include an option for an on-site consultancy* or you may choose from an Artwork Selection specifically chosen for your needs.

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Wayne Quilliam - Lowanna Series

Wayne Quilliam - Portrait Series

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