Matthew is a proud Taungurung man from Central Victoria, Australia. He is a graduate in Bachelor of Arts - Indigenous Studies (Kyinandoo) at Victoria University, Cert IV in Cultural Heritage Management - Archaeology at LaTrobe University, and currently undertaking a Masters in Teaching. He endeavours to play a positive and impactful role within Indigenous communities and to be a great role model for Aboriginal people and his children.

Matthew aims to play a part in creating change towards the improvement of the Indigenous people of Australia and creating positive reinforcements regarding equal opportunities and dispersing stereotypes in our society. Matthew wants to be involved in significant and substantial projects towards change to improve the livelihood of Aboriginal communities.

He hopes that dealing in Aboriginal art through project development whilst expanding client networks will contribute to the long-term sustainability within the Aboriginal art market and enhance the reputation and capabilities of Indigenous owned businesses.

"I am a member of the Taungurung Clans in Victoria. I hold my Aboriginal background close to my heart. I've always had a strong desire to assist in the development of Indigenous communities and cultural values for both Indigenous and urban Australia. Promoting Aboriginal Art to mainstream Australia and to the rest of the world fills me with pride. It gives me a sense of purpose and completion. I know that the contribution Dreamtime Art gives to the artists and their communities is invaluable. Through my ethical ways and treating others the same way I would want to be treated, I will make my fellow Aboriginals proud."

 - Matthew Everitt


Fatima holds an Advanced Diploma of Business Advertising and a Cert IV in Business Sales and Marketing  Alongside Matthew, Fatima has devoted her time in the past seven years developing the Dreamtime Art business structure and marketing strategies.

Fatima’s journey with Indigenous culture is underpinned by her own Indigenous children ensuring that knowledge is imparted and Indigeniety is respected. Achieving this means that reconciliation moves forward; that injustice is redressed; that Indigenous history takes place as a proud shared story of Australia; that Indigenous people are treated as equals.

Her strong people skills has increased the network of Dreamtime Art considerably. She believes that there is always a lot to learn from people, other businesses and her network.

Her mind is always open to new ideas and seeks new and innovative ways for Dreamtime Art to engage new clients whilst always putting the artist first in her dealings.

Fatima is also an actress and has been recently cast for a role in a new play entitled 'Where the hell is Frankie Starr?'. Co-starring with fellow actress from her NIDA training and playwright BillieRose Cachia and directed by Kirsty Reilly, Fatima will be on stage mid to late September 2016 in Geelong Victoria.

(Last Updated May 2016)

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