Why Buy From Us

  • Indigenous Owned
  • Talking culture through art
  • Direct relationships with artists
  • Signatories to Indigenous Art Code and Melbourne Art Code of Practice
  • Certified Supply Nation Supplier

Dreamtime Art is an Indigenous owned business. The Founders are Managing Director Matthew Everitt who is an active member of the Taungurung Clans in Victoria and Fatima Everitt who is the Director of the business.

Artworks from Dreamtime Art are sourced directly from the artist providing our clients with the highest quality, ethically sourced, original and authentic Aboriginal art.


Our relationship with our artists transcends the barriers of artist and dealer. We treat our artists with respect and we know how lucky we are to have them share their Dreamings with us.

We only deal with freelance artists and never lock our artists down with contracts as we believe it is every artists' right to share their Dreamings and artworks with whomever they choose. This allows artists to enjoy the success of their career at its peak and create wealth for themselves without any shackles on their feet.

We represent individual artists in tradeshows, exhibitions, and client proposals for further exposure and development of their art careers. Dreamtime Art is very supportive to our artists and we always try to accommodate and assist artists and their families when needed.


Dreamtime Art commits itself to the code of practice outlined by the Melbourne Indigenous Art Code of Practice  and adheres to the strict guidelines of the National Indigenous Art Code in supporting Aboriginal artists.

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Thank You for choosing to browse through the Dreamtime Art website. You are supporting the success and longevity of an Indigenous owned business that is Dreamtime Art - Talking Culture through Art.


Dreamtime Art associations and certifications

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