— The Directors

Creative artist who mainly works with mixed media. By emphasising aesthetics, tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical and believes in the idea of function following form in a work.

Providing artistic and innovative solutions based on cultural relevance and strong collaborative partnerships, Dreamtime Art are trusted advisors for Indigenous arts & culture. Dreamtime Art is the guide for the clients when engaging with Indigenous arts and artists. Proven to morally and respectfully navigate the Indigenous cultural landscape relating to the arts, Dreamtime Art has a combined 18 years of industry expertise. Managing cultural  sensitivities, issues and risks are intertwined through Indigenous  perspectives and insights.

Fatima and Matthew bring value to the client with understandings of community life and its social contexts through thought leadership underpinned by acumen of cultural heritage management, Indigenous studies, community development, sales & marketing and business  advertising.

Dreamtime Art promotes reconciliation through the beauty of art  influencing social and organisational change through a range of  strategies executed by education, awareness and communications. Dreamtime Art has developed a framework surrounding best practice and due diligence for their the clients to embed creating mutually  beneficial and respectful partnerships.

We support and promote growth and entrepreneurship within the Indigenous arts and Indigenous business sector via relationship building through the exchange of services and products; furthermore, increasing networks creating sustainable long-term engagement of Indigenous arts and emergent artists representation. Dreamtime Art is a City of Melbourne Panel Consultant  for Arts Melbourne—Arts project and workshop delivery.

A proud Taungurung man of the Kulin Nation, Matthew is an active Board Member of Kinaway – Victorian Chamber of Commerce to be a representative for Victorian businesses, has open discussions with FACCI regarding the national potential of all Indigenous-owned businesses and is a member of the Observance Committee for the Koorie Heritage Trust. Matthew will be one of the students for the 2017 Murra Indigenous Business Master Class at Melbourne Business School.

Dreamtime Art believes that by increasing collaborative projects that promotes supplier diversity, Indigenous businesses and knowledge about Arts & Culture means we will improve corporate and government business strategies & engagement with Indigenous businesses and assist in the longevity and success of our fellow Indigenous business owners within Victoria and Australia whilst educating and sharing knowledge about the Indigenous culture through the Arts.