Designing with a cultural APPROACH ensures the art and artist stories maintain integrity and honours their connection to Dreaming, Country, roles & responsibilities

ARTISTIC and distinctive designs to meet company guidelines

FEATURE art to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander strategies in the workplace and encourage workforce cultural education and engagement

Extra CARE and time for design and layout where deliverables’ bring value to organisational digital and collateral assets


A pan-Aboriginal approach to art viewership and STORYTELLING through rotating artworks

EDUCATE employees and staff about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through the beauty of art whilst fulfilling company directives

Programs are FLEXIBLE offering 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. The Dreamtime Art loyalty rate applies for extended lease terms (3+ years)

Choose to CHANGE the artworks annually or keep them for the full leased term

The INTERACTIVE QR Code links the viewer to the stories of every artwork and artists biographies and promote a bi-lateral approach to Culture

The Dreamtime Art nationwide leasing program offers a diverse art selection that educates and reflects the variations of art styles within the Aboriginal culture that exists throughout Australia.  Leasing offers connections, understanding Country & community through Dreaming; orality and its innate relation to the Arts

Art Leasing combats the challenge of how to embed stories of Aboriginal identity, culture and life within the workplace and employ understanding and respect within the organisational culture

Leasing Aboriginal art meets and fulfills targets for Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) and actions for Aboriginal engagement strategies and RAP Statements


ART SERIES acknowledgement plaques & awards that are uniquely Australian Made using Australian materials with maximum visual impact

CUSTOM MADE to order in a variety of finishes and mediums such as glass, woods and metals

AESTHETICALLY APPEALING artworks that is culturally sound, correctly licensed and fit for purpose


COMMUNICATE within your workplace and set engagement with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, clients and businesses through the visual and storytelling of images

Share culture through art image LICENSING for Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) statements, policies, strategy documents, reports, extending through to office fitouts

Image Licensing Pathways for Collateral, Digital, Merchandise and Bespoke for internal and external use based on non-commercial licensing agreements

ROYALTIES are negotiated directly with artists and are above industry standards