Educating Culture through the 'Beauty of Art'

Ochre, 2016 Corrina Eccles ⸻
Smoking Djerrang, 2016 ⸻

Our story

Dreamtime Art Creative Consultancy is an Aboriginal arts based Cultural disciplinary lead for design, strategy, art integration and implementation across Cultural and arts assets within organisations.

We provide innovative, disruptive and bespoke strategies for clients engaging with First Nations artists and communities with internal and external facing communications embedding safe and sensitivity practices, strategies and working methodologies. We de-risk clients’ needs with our diligence experiences, ethical values and benefit-sharing modelling.

Core services are art consultation, Aboriginal art curation, art integration and place-making design ideation, national Aboriginal art leasing program, bespoke Aboriginal artwork creation, Aboriginal art image licensing program, Aboriginal art awards and Acknowledgement plaques.

We delivery design, illustrations, strategy, brand identity and logo, collateral, copywriting, marketing, community engagement, video communications, policy and procedural workflows, merchandise and apparel design.

Dreamtime Art Creative Consultancy have developed approaches to engaging First Nations community and creatives based on Cultural respect, education, appreciation, nuancing sensitivities increasing the value chain for organisations. Developing frameworks for conduct and best practice, moral standing are based on Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Properties underpinned by communities’ social and economic uplift.

Our Founders.
Fatima & Matthew Everitt, Photography: Wayne Quilliam ⸻

Our approach.

“True leaders fear not criticism or the risk of failure but that they would ever allowed the truth and what is right go unspoken, or have a voice not heard or be disrespected. Your voice always needs to be heard no matter if it’s quietly spoken, emotional, ineligible, in a different language or with no words at all. Free your mind to allow your heart to believe that you will certainly always make a change and difference in a world of uncertainly.” 

Our Mission.

Educating through the arts.

We aredesigners.

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Our Team.

Nothing moves without having the right people around us. Out Team means our Culture. It’s the way we do business. The importance of getting things right, how we energise ourselves, keep motivation and reach for perfection is everything establish is our team culture. And this shows up on our projects and deliverables. Building a belief system where, opinions are valued, ideation is harnessed, buy-in from end-to-end, handled with care and a team that is invested into telling a story, taking ownership, being proud to the betterment of our Aboriginal Culture.

This is found in our works, exceeding our clients’ satisfaction, handling with care, our touch.

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