“All Australians have a role in creating a reconciled, just and equitable Australia—political leaders and governments of all levels and leanings; the corporate and not-for-profit sectors; schools and tertiary institutions; faith groups; philanthropists; the media; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; and members of the public.”



Over the last decade, Dreamtime Art has built a network of Indigenous artists around Australia and nurtured meaningful relationships with them and their families transcending barriers. Promoting self-determination and entrepreneurship, our relationship works both ways, a bi-cultural exchange of respect and opportunities. Transparency and mutual respect in relationships becomes important for Indigenous peoples to establish more trust with non-Indigenous communities, sharing and promoting Indigenous knowledge and cultural capital.

Our networks and relationships within the Indigenous business sector, local community and client circles are key to establishing long-term outcomes and opportunities for all parties involved that are mutually beneficial. This allows for a holistic and organic approach to best practice and due diligence when Dreamtime Art engages Indigenous artists and intellectual properties of a cultural nature. This strong relationship and trust that Dreamtime Art has built ensures value to the Department of Defence that Dreamtime Art has complete understandings of Indigenous Arts & Culture underpinned by cultural appropriation, artists, community engagement and the willingness to utilise our network connections.

Dreamtime Art is an established trusted advisor for its clients both corporate and government. The advise that Dreamtime Art provides is based in building relationships with our clients and giving options from our established networks, knowledge and background.