• Build CULTURAL CAPITAL and a sense of community identity
  • Create a safe and culturally APPROPRIATE environment for current and future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees
  • ENGAGE staff through the lens of the visual arts
  • INVEST in People & Culture and acknowledgement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity through arts
  • Organisational capacity ensues SOCIAL BENEFITS
  • ENCOURAGE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander conversations and topics within the workplace
  • Be a diverse and inclusive workplace—working towards RECONCILIATION
  • Lateral APPROACH to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander topics and barriers
  • Create powerful and innovative RESOURCES based on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts
  • DISPEL myths, stereotypes and assumptions
  • Use the arts to COMMUNICATE acceptance of diversity, inclusion and reconciliation
  • SHIFT the current paradigm through visual arts initiatives
  • CHALLENGE preconceptual and assumptive ideas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia
  • APPLY 21st century technologies via multi-modality and digital platforms
  • Have robust CONVERSATIONS via educational and communication tools
  • Review and record OUTCOMES of employees engaging in arts and education through case studies
  • Employ and engage directly and indirectly ABORIGINAL and TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER ARTISTS, businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Social benefits – EMPOWERING Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and entrepreneurs
  • Set the STANDARD of acceptance for diversity and inclusion
  • STRENGTHEN internal and external reach through a multi-faceted approach
  • ALIGN company directives through multiple departments including communications, properties, facilities, marketing, diversity & inclusion and people & culture
  • Be a part of an internalised organisation SHIFT based on place, respect, acknowledgement and cultural relevance
  • Make reconciliation an on going JOURNEY, not the end point
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples feel less cultural security than other Australians.

Source: State of Reconciliation Report

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