Educating Culture through the 'Beauty of Art'

Ochre, Corrina Eccles, 2016
Smoking Djerrang, DACC image, 2016

Our Story

Established in 2009, Dreamtime Art Creative Consultancy (DACC) was founded by husband and wife team Matthew Everitt, a proud Taungurung man of the Kulin Nation in Victoria and Fatima Everitt, a proud Filipino immigrant.

Both Matthew and Fatima are artistic in their own right. Both also faced and experienced the effects of systemic racism in their youth. It was only a matter of time that their combined knowledge for culture, art and desire for change would take them on a career path embodying self-determination and shared benefits for Art & Culture for the First Nations Peoples of Australia.

Today, DACC has become a trusted and resounding voice in Aboriginal Art based projects consulting to businesses and government.

DACC creates strategies and approaches that promotes reconciliation through the beauty of art influencing social and organisational change executed by education, awareness and communications that is mutually beneficial for all parties.

DACC delivers multidisciplinary services that is culturally safe, innovative, disruptive and bespoke with a focus on best practice and due diligence.

Our Team

Nothing moves without having the right people around us. Out Team means our Culture. It’s the way we do business. The importance of getting things right, how we energise ourselves, keep motivation and reach for perfection is everything establish is our team culture. And this shows up on our projects and deliverables. Building a belief system where, opinions are valued, ideation is harnessed, buy-in from end-to-end, handled with care and a team that is invested into telling a story, taking ownership, being proud to the betterment of our Aboriginal Culture.

This is found in our works, exceeding our clients’ satisfaction, handling with care, our touch.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Murphy

Our Vision.

Shift mindsets so all First Nations artists can have full autonomy and rights of their art and culture.

Our Mission.

Provide equitable outcomes and remuneration for First Nations artists and community by delicately combining culture and creativity. Safely embed cultural philosophies into art practices through due diligence and best practice.

Our Values.

Belonging. Respect. Identity. Truth. Equity.

“Using First Nations identities, knowledges, art and song must be done with the right values, sharing the benefits and encompassing two-way outcomes.
Today we must learn to walk together, acknowledge the uniqueness and ensure we come together celebrated, respected and as equal.”

— Matthew Everitt, Founder | Director

© Matthew Everitt, Taungurung, Djerrang (Leaf Series) 2021