ARTISTS: Jade Kennedy
LANGUAGE/REGION: (Muthi-Muthi, Tatti-Tatti, Wadi-Wadi) dindi thunggi & (Wajak Nyoongay) Boodja
YEAR: 2019
TITLE: River Dreaming
MEDIUM: Woodburning

River Dreaming tells the story of the Mother Spirit & Waterfall Goddess, Nungeena. After the Mountains were created by the all-father & god head, Baiame. Water would guide over the highest peaks, carried by thunder clouds. Nungeena cause the (gayini) Water to be guided over the mountains after the rain trickles down the mountains, forming waterfalls.

As the rivers would emerge, traveling down through the valleys. Nations, tribes and many clans emerged as they found serenity and tranquility within these regions where rivers flowed, and creeks gave opportunity for the people to craft eel traps and fish nets.

From the clear springs down to the many formations of water holes. Many language groups sort abundance as Nungeena would bring forth vegetation, as a fertility spirit. Also creating Lyre-birds, to keep the abundance of vegetation well-kept from the insects, plaguing and causing distress amongst the lands.

The boomerangs represent the many tribes and clans who lived on both sides of the rivers. The males would practice throwing their boomerangs across the rivers. And it also acknowledged that food resources were on either side of the river. The hunters would cut down the food resource legs with the larger boomerang and take down birds for food & feathers for ceremony with the smaller boomerang.

With Bunjil and Waa’s footprint on each of the Boomerangs, it speaks of the spirits of the land regarded as two moiety ancestors. With law passed down to the people from the creator spirits. The people would gather what they needed for a time, until the next hunting and gathering was needed. Respecting the law of the country.

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